2017 Pro Bono Report

2017 was the 18th year for MDIVANI CORPORATE IMMIGRATION LAW FIRM PRO BONO PROGRAM provided free legal services to immigrant women and children who are victims of domestic violence and other violent crimes, based on referrals from domestic violence shelters in Kansas and Missouri.
Business Immigration Attorneys Mira Mdivani, Danielle Atchison, Leyla McMullen, and Mason Ellis worked with women and children referred by local domestic violence shelters and assistance programs to ensure that these immigrant survivors have access to high quality legal representation in obtaining and maintaining legal status in the United States to enable them to break the cycle of violence. Below are some of our 2017 Pro Bono numbers and services at a glance:

2017 Pro Bono numbers and services at a glance:



Law Clerks


Clients Served


including 18 women & 3 children

Countries Represented


Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico, Nigeria, China, and the Philippines

Rape, Domestic Violence, Domestic Assault, Sexual Assault, and Stalking

Free Legal Services Provided to the Survivors:

I-360 petitions based on Domestic Violence Under the Violence Against Women Act, U Visa petitions, Applications for green cards, naturalization applications, requests for replacement green cards and citizenship certificates for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault

Why We Do Pro Bono Work:

From Mdivani Corporate Immigration Law Firm Attorney, Leyla McMullen: “When I applied to law school, as part of my application I was asked to write an essay about why I wanted to be a lawyer. As a first generation immigrant (I moved to the US from Argentina when I was 13 years old) one of the things I mentioned I wanted to do with my law degree was to provide free legal help to new immigrants who did not speak English fluently. My essay was chosen by a KU Law donor who provided funds for me to have a full ride scholarship. I have never forgotten the amazing opportunity I was given. I am now blessed to work at a law firm where pro bono work is valued and encouraged, so now I get to give back to the community and make good on the things I said I would do with my law degree.
It is important to point out that when we help a victim of a crime attain her legal status, we are not only helping that person, but we are also helping our community as a whole. For example, last month, I had the honor of working with a very brave rape victim. This woman’s testimony will help prosecutors put away a very dangerous man who has been charged with more than sixteen felonies. She is helping make our community safer, and I am happy to be the attorney who gets to help her attain legal status so she can be in the United States legally to testify in court.”

Services for Battered Women and Children under the Violence Against Women Act

In 2017, Mdivani Corporate Immigration Law Firm provided free legal services to four immigrant women survivors of domestic violence in applying for legal status in the United States under the Violence Against Women Act.


  • I-360 VAWA petitions
  • I-485 Applications for Green cards based on VAWA petitions
  • I-131 Travel Documents to enable a client to see family she has not seen in several years
  • I-765 Employment Authorization Documents to enable our clients to work legally in the United States
  • I-751 petition to remove conditions on a Lawful Permanent Resident card after client left the abuser who abused her and threatened to kill her.


  • One survivor received a VAWA-based green card for, granting her the indefinite right to live and work in the U.S. as a lawful permanent resident with her young child
  • One survivor received a year-long extension on her conditional green card based on the I-751 filing

U Visas and U-Based Green Cards for Victims of Violent Crimes

In 2017, we provided free legal services to fifteen immigrant victims of crimes falling within the U Visa category, including women and children.


  • I-918 U Visa petitions and extensions , we filed four petitions along with several petitions for derivative children of the victims
  • I-192 Application for Advance Parole
  • I-485 Application to Adjust Status for two survivors of domestic violence
  • I-131 Application for Travel Permission for two clients
  • I-765 Employment Authorization Documents for our clients to work legally in the United States for three clients, one with deferred action based on U Visa Cap
  • We responded to extensive Requests for Evidence for several of petitions.


  • USCIS approved one U Visa-based Green Card for a survivor of domestic violence.
  • USCIS approved one U Visa Petition, granting a survivor of domestic violence four years of eligibility to live and work in the United States and the opportunity to file for a green card
  • USCIS approved several work permit applications for abused women placed in deferred action while their U Visa Petition is pending.

Replacement Applications

  • We filed an I-90 to replace a victim’s stolen green card, as without this, she cannot travel live comfortably
  • We filed an N-565 to replace a victim’s stolen certificate of citizenship—without this certificate she cannot get a passport, driver license, or other necessary items, and the client received her certificate after 10 months of navigating USCIS requirements.
Client Quotes:
“Thanks again from bottom of my heart for all you have done to help me. May God bless you with more than you have done for me. I promise I will pay it forward.”
–Pro Bono Client
“’The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They  must be felt with the heart.’ Thank you guys for helping me and others. I am very happy and will never forget you all.”
—Pro Bono Client
“I just want to say that thanks your all helped for me this “case “ Also , thank that you give me the nice “chocolate“ is the first gift during the Christmas holidays. I really like it so much. I won’t forget what your all helped, you all are amazing and nice people. god bless you all.”
–Pro Bono Client who will be reunited with her young daughter after 5 years apart.
“Thank you so much, I found out about your organization by searching on google, we had called and had a referral for attorneys but none were available also the survivors only income was from her spouse. I wanted the survivor to know her rights and to feel we were supporting her, I just searched the internet and called multiple people to assist her. There are not a lot of options in the smaller towns, [we] truly appreciate what you do and your organization and are truly grateful for your response.“
—Pro Bono Client
“Thank you  for your willingness to come out and provide annual trainings to [our] advocates. We too value our partnership with Mdivani Law Office and the services you provide to our clients. We think you all are amazing!”
–Community/Shelter Partner
“I received your email today and wanted to inform you about that. I take this opportunity to thank you for this hard work done for me. I couldn’t hold my tears today when I got the message. And I am still at Hope House and waiting for the baby, i will go on labor anytime soon. Always very sick, and swelling. In another side, Hope House is helping me to attend college for an associate degree in surgical technologist. I Love the medical field. I still believe that America will still give me the opportunity to succeed. That’s have always been my main interest : taking opportunity to change my situation. As I have been extended to stay in United State i will take the opportunity to start working and go back to school at the same time. And start my professional career in the next 2 years.  Thank you very much for everything. My advocate and I will call you if we don’t understand something.“
—Pro Bono Client
“Thanks you for being so patient. Thank you very much for helping me understand my right. That was all for today. I hope you have a wonderful evening. May God bless you and protect you. Talk to you soon”
–Pro Bono Client

Community Outreach re. Domestic Violence and Immigrant Women & Children

  • Mdivani Corporate Immigration Law Firm Attorneys held a several hour-long outreach program in 2017 to educate the community about options for immigrant women and children victims of domestic violence.
  • They visited a local domestic violence shelter to train over 20 advocates on how to recognize, triage, and work with attorneys on these cases.
  • They teach the subject at UMKC School of Law and provide continuing legal education (CLE) to practicing attorneys about the program and this area of the law.

Special Thanks

We want to extend a special thank you to staff and leadership at Kansas City Metro area domestic violence shelters, SAFEHOME and HopeHouse, for partnering with us in bringing legal status to immigrant survivors.
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