About the Book

The Form I-9 Employment Verification Form appears simple, yet the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has issued a 69-page handbook explaining how employers should go about executing it. Unsuspecting employers are often surprised to learn that failure to execute an I-9 properly can lead to steep fines, penalties, and even criminal liability.
This book provides a non-nonsense, practical training on what every employer must do to meet the federal government’s requirements for employment verification. Readers will learn: why I-9 compliance is important, how to execute an I-9 properly, as well as how to maintain, store, and destroy I-9 records.

About the Author

Mira Mdivani is an award-winning business immigration attorney at the Mdivani Corporate Immigration Law Firm in Overland Park, Kansas. Her areas of expertise include corporate immigration compliance, employer DHS I-9 inspection defense, and movement of international personnel.
Ms. Mdivani has authored several books on business immigration law to help employers across the country comply with Immigration Reform and Control Act requirements and prepare themselves for potential government, worksite enforcement actions.

How to Get The Book

A copy of this book is provided to all participants of Corporate Immigration Compliance Institute’s I-9 Administrator Training. The training provides walk through of the government’s requirements on Form I-9 completion and the top 10 mistakes to avoid.
To register for this training and receive a copy of the book, please visit our training site by clicking the link below:
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