Employment-Based Green Cards

What is the best way to work with this checklist?

We ask for a lot of information, and appreciate your work on getting us the answers and documents.   It is best to return this checklist with your answers and documents in one e-mail.  Please answer all the questions and collect electronic copies of all the documents.  When everything is ready, please e-mail the checklist with requested documents to Mira Mdivani at
We will be very happy to see Word files, attached scanned PDF files, links to websites, or files in any other electronic format.  We look forward to reviewing your answers and documents.
Thank you.

Documents to be provided by the EMPLOYEE

  1. 8 Pictures, passport style, of the beneficiary
  2. GOOD COPIES of all pages of Passport, including all pages that have entries/exits
  3. Copy of your Birth Certificate with a translation into English and a Translator’s Certificate.
  4. Copy of I-94. You may obtain it on line HERE. Also, please click on “get travel history,” and include a copy of that, as well.
  5. Copies of all visas
  6. List of all dates of entries/exits to/from the U.S. and the status held during those dates
  7. Copy of your most recent W-2
  8. Copies of 2 most recent paystubs
  9. Immigration Medical Examination, in a sealed envelope, performed by a USCIS-approved doctor. To locate an approved doctor close to you, please click on this LINK.
  10. Traffic or Criminal Offenses, if any: Final Dispositions from Court

Documents to be provided by the EMPLOYER:

  1. Latest Federal Tax Return
  2. Two Latest Quarterly 941s

Additional Information:

It is very likely that we will have to ask you for more information or documents, depending on your answers to this checklist.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience throughout the process.
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