Employment-Based Green Cards



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We ask for a lot of information, and appreciate your work on getting us the answers and documents.   It is best to return this checklist with your answers and documents in one e-mail.  Please answer all the questions and collect electronic copies of all the documents.  When everything is ready, please e-mail the checklist with requested documents to Mira Mdivani at
We will be very happy to see Word files, attached scanned PDF files, links to websites, or files in any other electronic format.  We look forward to reviewing your answers and documents.
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U.S. EMPLOYER INFORMATION – to be completed by the Employer

  1.  Full legal name of the sponsoring employer:
  2. Business form of employer (corporation, partnership sole proprietorship, individual)
  3. Date business was established.   If there is any previous business history, please explain
  4. A short description of the company’s business activity/product
  5. Company’s web site address
  6. Company’s principal address
  7. Place where the public disclosure information will be kept
  8. The name and title of the immediate supervisor
  9. Contact information for the immediate supervisor, including phone, fax, and e-mail
  10. Annual salary to be paid to the beneficiary WHEN AND IF his/her permanent residency is approved, and the amount and type of other compensation, if any
  11. The name and title of the person who will be listed as the authorized representative and will sign DOL and USCIS applications/petitions
  12. Contact information for the authorized representative, including phone, fax, e-mail, and address
  13. EIN (tax ID number) for the company
  14. Contact information for the representative with whom we will be working, including phone, fax, and email
  15. Annual revenue for previous year
  16. Net income for previous year
  17. Please provide a copy of the last corporate tax return
  18. Please provide a copy of your  latest 941 return
  19. Number of employees (U.S.  and worldwide)
  20. Has the company sponsored any other workers for green cards?   How many?
  21. Please answer the following questions regarding the Job Description for the offered position:
    1. Title:
    2. Duties, specific and general.  Please be as detailed as possible
    3. Skills required:
    4. Minimum Educational Requirements, if any:
    5. Minimum Experience Requirements, if any:
    6. Whether the person will supervise any employees:
    7. Whether the position is part-time or full-time and the number of hours per week:
    8. Location of the job (address where the person will work):
  22. If the person will work at more than one location, please indicate all locations and proposed dates of employment at those locations.

Additional Information:

It is very likely that we will have to ask you for more information or documents, depending on your answers to this checklist.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience throughout the process.
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