Employment-Based Green Cards



What is the best way to work with this checklist?
We ask for a lot of information, and appreciate your work on getting us the answers and documents.   It is best to return this checklist with your answers and documents in one e-mail.  Please answer all the questions and collect electronic copies of all the documents.  When everything is ready, please e-mail the checklist with requested documents to Mira Mdivani at 
We will be very happy to see Word files, attached scanned PDF files, links to websites, or files in any other electronic format.  We look forward to reviewing your answers and documents.
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BENEFICIARY INFORMATION – to be completed by the Foreign Employee

  1. Full legal name
  2. When did employment with current employer begin (month/year)
  3. Contact information
    1. Phone number
    2. Cell phone number
    3. E-mail
    4. Address in the U.S.
    5. Address abroad
  4. Date of Birth, please spell out the month
  5. Town, Province, and Country of Birth
  6. Country of Citizenship
  7. Current immigration status of the beneficiary, including date of expiration (look at I-94)
  8. If currently in H-1B status, please provide the LIN number of the previous approval
  9. If there are periods of employment, please list all periods (from month/year to month/year)
  10. Passport information, including expiration date, country, date of issuance, I-94 number and I-94 expiration date.
  11. Social Security Number (if any)
  12. Alien registration number (if any)
  13. Prior entries into the U.S., including visa type and date
  14. Date and Place of last entry
  15. Exact dates of any prior H or L employment
  16. Have you ever applied for H or L status and been denied?
  17. Have you ever applied for any other visa and been denied?
  18. Have you ever had a J visa
  19. Have you ever applied for an immigrant visa (i.e. green card)?    Has your employer ever filed your Labor Certification?  Filed an I-140 petition for you?   Please provide dates and results.
  20. Has anyone else applied for an immigrant visa (i.e. green card) for your benefit?
  21. Are you, or have you ever been, in removal (“deportation”) or exclusion proceedings?
  22. Have you even been refused a visa by a consulate?
  23. Has your visa ever been canceled?
  24. Have you ever had any problems with the U.S. immigration authorities?
  25. Have you ever overstayed your U.S. visa or violated terms or your visa?  If yes, please provide details.
  26. Do you currently hold any other U.S. visas?  If yes, please provide details.
  27. Have you ever had any problems with the criminal justice system?
  28. Do you have any close relatives living in the U.S.?
  29. Are you married?    Do you have any children? Please provide names, social security numbers, alien registration numbers for your family members.  If they are in the U.S., please provide copies of their passports, visas, and I-94s.
  30. Which family members plan to immigrate with you?
  31. If currently employed by another employer, provide position, name, and address of company currently employing the beneficiary.
  32. Provide all information about your education, including all diplomas, academic degrees and transcripts, including certified translations of foreign documents or degrees, if available, and evaluations of foreign degrees, if available.
  33. Resume or curriculum vitae.
  34. Letters explaining and verifying employment from previous employers
  35. Copies of visa or extension approval notices
  36. Copies of front and back of the most recent I-94 Arrival/Departure record
  37. Copy of first page of passport and pages stamped by USCIS with admission stamps
  38. Copies of the front and back of the Employment Authorization Document (EAD), if any

Additional Information:

It is very likely that we will have to ask you for more information or documents, depending on your answers to this checklist.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience throughout the process.
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