L-1 Visas for Executives, Management, and Key Personnel

When can a U.S. employer apply for an ‘L’ Visa Classification? 

L-1 Visas are appropriate for intercompany transferees. It is designed to allow U.S. employers who have overseas operations transfer certain employees to work for its business in the United States. Two types of L-1 visa classifications are available:  L-1A visas for managers or executives, and L-1B  visas for employees with key knowledge of the business’s products or processes.

Role of Corporate Immigration Lawyers in L-1 Visa Matters: 

The attorneys at the Mdivani Law Firm are experienced in handling L-1 petitions. We assist employers with all phases of the L-1 filing process, including advising the employer on the best way to proceed with the visa, drafting and filing of the L-1 petition with The  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services; responding to any Request for Evidence or Notice of Intent to Deny; and drafting an employer consular package that allows the employee to apply for her/his visa at a U.S. Consulate in their respective country.

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